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My work

From his early youth, he has examined the relationship between consciousness and matter. His own experience with expanded and clairvoyant  states of consciousness, to which he has been falling spontaneously since childhood without a slightest intention, led him to that. For the last  18 years he´s been regularly visiting the Andean and Amazonian shamans, whose system of healing and work he´s been studying. He is fighting to preserve biodiversity for the conservation of Amazonia and its indigenous culture. He is a researcher in the field of the so-called paranormal phenomena, but keeps the exact approach to this area, he doesn´t consider himself as an esoteric or a spiritual man. His aim is to increase everyone´s respect to a Human and to Life the maximum through objective and uncensored knowledge of the forces we have and  through knowledge of the nature of reality. He has 20 years of therapeutic experience. In its current form, as he´s been practising it for approximately a decade in many countries, it is focused on realizing liberating changes in human life and body through the changes in consciousness and biofield, and it is in many ways based on the indian shamanic systems, especially  the Andean system Karpay. Petr Chobot is actively engaged in Indian herbal medicine, and  he´s trying to contribute to the extension of the effective medicinal herbal preparations beyond the Amazonian borders, which not only may lead to reduction of the number of people suffering from several diseases in our culture - such as diabetes - but it can also help Amazonia in its deadly struggle for survival.

Many centuries proven indian techniques focused on cleaning and activating energy centers

Peter teaches and as a therapy applies a system of Indian meditations, during which we can develop our healing and clairvoyant abilities. The basis of this system is an effective activation of our basic energy centres, which leads to a huge transformation and the development of so-called extraordinary abilities in a relatively short time. This is an age-proven, very effective and simple system. For us, in our culture, there are particularly important its therapeutic skills. Targeted washing of the biofield and individual organs by directed fine-energy flows can remove many difficulties, including those we consider to be difficult to remove. But these simple ancient Indian meditations can also very quickly revitalize us, restore our mental and physical strength and enormously strengthen our defensive ability. By an above-average activation of some of our energy centres, we can achieve transcendental cosmic states, where a lot of information comes to us, and during which we learn a lot about ourselves and the whole Being. Petr Chobot very often realizes his work at the power places, both in Europe and South America. These are places of increased concentration of energy on Earth. In addition to public meditations and seminars, you can also work individually thank to recorded meditations (both healing ones and those for the development of extraordinary abilities) on CDs.

PCH's work in Europe

Healing Meditations

During the healing meditations, participants are lying. PCH was learning the techniques to transfer healing energy from the Andean and Amazonian shamans for at least 18 years, and he was improving this method also during his study visits in the Philippines and in Brazil. Transferring a large amount of concentrated energy able to heal is quite difficult, and that is the reason why PCH began using this type of meditations in their current form publicly only about five years ago. During any healing meditation, a very strong energy field is created around each participant, which penetrates them, pervades their organs and cells. The energy then intensively works in the body and biofield, and it not only cleans, but also rebuilds and restructers the structures, so that one often leaves the meditation as a newborn. Of course, in many cases, it is necessary to repeat this therapy, or the received energy needs more time to rectify everything in the human being. However, there are many cases, when even after only one such healing meditation, there were objectively huge and apparently irreversible positive changes in people´s bodies and lives. The philosophy of healing meditations is simple – EVERYONE has the right to be cured and freed from any suffering and life´s limitations. The energy, which is able to remove REALLY EVERYTHING negative, comes from the highest cosmic source, which is also the absolute consciousness. This energy doesn´t ask about "karma", it is incomparably stronger than the energy of any of our problem. If you allow a person to connect with the clean energy of the source, this energy will wash and restructure them, and they will be allowed to get rid of basically anything that limited and troubled them in their life - even if it was "just" the lack of abundance or an unrealized partnership. Events with healing meditations take usually three hours, but can also take several days.


Meditations for the development of healing and clairvoyant abilities

These meditations take place both in the halls lying down and in nature, primarily in pure power zones. The key is to activate certain energy centres - the top of the skull, the "3rd eye ", the centre of the chest, solar plexus, the stomach, etc. That’s how people in Indian way extraordinarily activate their inner memory, containing also the so-called reincarnation experiences. They go through the state of the out-of-body experience, and they can touch the Absolute itself, which is a sort of a central divine consciousness. All this has an extraordinary therapeutic value, and it definitely makes us better people. Some special meditations can develop our natural, but usually unused, healing abilities that we all have latently available. This type of meditation provides PCH mainly at few days´ seminars.

PCH's work in Peru

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Every year, PCH leads a few self-discovering, healing and cognitive expeditions, during which the energetically strongest power places in Peru are visited, often in areas completely outside of civilization in a virgin pure nature, which an ordinary tourist doesn´t have a chance to go to.

Members of the expeditions visit Indian villages and meet with the Indians in their natural environment... 

Led by highly experienced Indian tribal shamans, participants of these expeditions work on the removal of all even long-term health and life problems, and develop their previously latent clairvoyant and healing abilities.

PCH´s  work within the field of a treatment of serious diseases with  miraculous plants  from the interior of the Amazonian rainforest 

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The philosophy of the projects associated with the field research and subsequent expansion of medicinal plants used by tribal shamans in the Amazonia, is a model of the MUTUAL HELP. Amazonia will help us and we will help Amazonia. PCH is currently focused on people in Europe suffering from diabetes to get the access to very effective shamanic plant agents, which are able to cure this disease. All financial means gained this way, will only be used to the preservation of the endangered areas, in which these natural remedies can be found, and to the protection of here working shamans and living Indians. The spectrum of these natural remedies will be gradually extended; another unique plant agents that contain “women hormones” will be added (they form the body to an ideal shape and remove women migraines, etc.), skin cleansing agents, agents with anticancer effects, etc.

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