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PETR CHOBOT – biologist and  therapist

Since his early youth, PCH has been investigating the relations between consciousness and matter. His own experience with expanded and clairvoyant states of consciousness, into which he has been falling spontaneously since childhood and without a slightest intention, has led him to that. Since 1998 he has been regularly visiting the Andean and Amazonian shamans to study their system of healing and their work in general. PCH is active in the fight for preserving the biodiversity of Amazonia as well as the culture of Amazonia’s indigenous inhabitants. He is also a researcher in the field of what we call paranormal phenomena, keeping exact approach to this field of study. He does not consider himself to be an esoteric or spiritual man. His aim is to increase everyones respect to the Human and to Life as much as possible through objective and uncensored knowledge of the forces we possess and  through the knowledge of the nature of reality. PCH has a 20-year long therapeutic experience. In its current form, as he has been practising it for approximately a decade in many countries, his work is concentrated on realizing liberating changes in the human life and in the body through changes in the consciousness and in the biofield. In many aspects, his work is based on the Indian shamanic systems, especially on the Andean Karpay system. He is interested in Indian phytotherapy and, by means of his MUTUAL-HELP project he supports the extension of the effective curative herbal products beyond the Amazonian borders. His project can not only reduce the number of people in our culture suffering from diseases such as the diabetes, but it can also help Amazonia in its struggle for survival.

Time-tested Indian techniques focused on purification and activation of the energy centres

Peter Chobot is a teacher. As his teaching method or therapy, he applies a system of Indian meditations during which we can develop our healing and clairvoyant abilities. It is a very effective and simple system which has succesfully been used for hundreds of years by South American Indians. The basis of this system is an effective activation of our basic energy centres, which leads to a huge transformation of a human being and to the development of what we call extraordinary abilities, achieving this in relatively a short time.

 What is particularly important for us, people in our culture, are its therapeutic possibilities. Targeted washing of the biofield and particular organs by directed subtle-energy streams can remove a number of problems, including those we consider as difficult to remove. These simple ancient Indian meditations can very quickly revitalize us, restore our mental and physical strength and enormously strengthen our immune system, our defensive abilitiy. In addition we can, by means of above-average activation of some of our energy centres, achieve transcendental cosmic states during which a lot of information comes to us and we learn a lot about ourselves and about the whole of the Being.

Petr Chobot realises his work mostly at so-called “power places”, both in Europe and South America. These are places with increased concentration of energy on the Earth. In addition to public meditations and seminars, people can work individually using the recorded meditations (both the healing ones and those for the development of extraordinary abilities) on the issued CDs.

PCH's work in Europe            

Healing meditations

During any healing meditation, a very strong field of energy is created around each participant, this energy penetrating him and  pervading his organs and cells. It is quite difficult to transfer a huge amount of concentrated energy which is able to heal. PCH has been learning the techniques of the healing energy transfer from the Andean and Amazonian shamans since 1998, improving this method also during his study visits in the Philippines and in Brazil.

During the healing meditations, the participants are lying. The energy created around them works intensively within their bodies and biofields. Its aim is to clean them as well as to rebuild and restructure their structures. Thanks to that, there are frequent cases when participants leave the meditation as if being newborn. Of course, it is in many cases necessary to repeat this therapy, as the received energy may need more time to rectify everything in the human being. However, there are many cases, when even a single healing meditation has objectively resulted in huge and apparently irreversible positive changes in the participants´ bodies and lives.

The philosophy of these healing meditations is simple - EVERYONE has the right to be cured and freed from any kind of suffering or life limitation. The energy, which is able to remove REALLY EVERYTHING negative, comes from the highest cosmic Source, that is the absolute consciousness. This energy does not ask about "karma", as it is incomparably stronger than the energy of any problem we may have. If a person is enabled to connect with the pure energy of the Source, then he or she gains the opportunity to be purified and restructured by this energy, and consequently freed from basically anything that has been limiting or troubling them in their lives – may that be "only" lack of copiousness or unrealized partnership. Healing meditations usually last three hours, but there are also several days lasting healing meditational programmes.


Meditations for the development of healing and clairvoyant abilities

PCH realises these meditations both in the halls where participants are lying while meditating, and in the countryside, primarily in pure power zones. The crucial is to activate certain energy centres - the top of the skull’s centre, the “3rd eye“ centre, the centre of the chest, solar plexus centre, the centre of the belly, etc. This way, using the extraordinarily effective Indian techniques, the participants can activate their inner memory which contains what is called reincarnation experiences, or experience the state of the out-of-body existence, or they can touch the Absolute itself, that is the central divine consciousness. All of this has an extraordinary therapeutic value, as it makes us better people. There are special meditations that can develop our natural, although not commonly used healing abilities, which are latent in us. PCH realises this type of meditation especially at his several days lasting seminars.

PCH's work in Peru


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Every year, PCH realises several self-knowledge, healing and cognitive expeditions, during which the participants visit the energetically strongest power places in Peru. Many of these places are situated in territories completely outside the civilization, in virginal countryside. Common  tourists have practically no chance to visit them.

Members of these expeditions visit Indian villages and meet Indians in their natural environment... 

Led by very experienced Indian tribal shamans, the participants of these expeditions work on themselves to remove all of their health and life problems, even the chronic ones, and to develop their latent clairvoyant and healing abilities.

PCH´s  work in the field of serious diseases treatment

by means of plants which possess miraculous curative effects, and grow inside the Amazonian rainforest 

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The philosophy of the projects associated with field research and subsequent distribution of curative plants used by the tribal shamans in Amazonia, is the MUTUAL-HELP model. Amazonia will help us and we will help Amazonia. At present, PCH focuses on making those very effective shamanic herbal products which are able to cure diabetes, available to those people in Europe who suffer from this disease. All financial gains are used exclusively for the purpose of preserving those endangered territories where these natural remedies grow, as well as that of the protection of the shamans who work there and all Indians inhabitants. The spectrum of these natural remedies is gradually being widened, providing new unique phytotherapy products containing the “woman‘s hormones” which are able to shape the female body into an ideal form, remove the woman‘s migraines, skin cleaning products, those with anticancer effects, and many others.

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