Petr Chobot


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Petr Chobot was born on July 3, 1967 in the former Czechoslovakia. His life was affected by unusual conciousness and clairvoyance abilities that manifested already in his childhood. When he studied biology at the Leningrad State University, he got closely acquainted with research of telepathy. In last 18 years, he has been systematically studying the shaman Indian system “Mosoq Karpay.” He considers himself to be a researcher and therapist.


The Utterances originated as transcription of the recordings acquired during stay in energy zones or jungle. The Utterances are example of abilities of our mind to tune to universal source of information. Petr Chobot doesn’t want that content of the Utterances to be associated with his human personality. He is not an author of the Utterances and their content should not be perceived as his “personal opinion,” etc. The Utterances are demonstrations of higher consciousness to which his mind tuned in particular situations. The Utterances are published because we have observed that they have a strong transformation effect on anyone who is willing to immerse in their content. Immediately after the moment when Petr Chobot tunes onto “divine” sources, transfer of highly healing energy initiates. It is a fact proven during many healing meditations performed publically in the framework of Petr Chobot’s work. However, also information can be transmitted and received from higher sources. This information, as we think, is closely related to high vibration level of accompanying energy. During the utterances – the utterances always took part outside, in high mountains or desert, or shaman ceremonies in jungle – spontaneous healing and other strong transformation in life of participating persons occurred. However, reading of the utterances might have the same effect. If we let the content of the Utterances to take effect on us, our vibrations increase rapidly and our lives change. The aim of the utterances is not to provide particular information; the aim is to set our mind. Andean and Amazonian shamans believe that our life can be lived in more vibrationally different versions and that a strong event that changes our vibrations might also completely change our life. In their opinion, the most powerful event is contact with energy of higher consciousness. In Andes, this is called “huampeq kamasqua” – our total energetic redirection, beginning of our life. The connection with energy of the utterances, which “came down” to our reality during extraordinary and sacral events, can be understood as a shamanic technique that heals, eliminates our limits and illusions and makes us “Gods.”

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